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To capture your moments and turn them into beautiful Memories
Because Every Pictures tells a Story.

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To capture your moments and turn them into beautiful Memories



Aman Sheth
Aman Sheth@aman93
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Fantastic and very responsive team. Easy to work with and helpful. Only via calls they did the entire work.
Sanjay Mohapatra
Sanjay Mohapatra@sanjay.sambit
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Loved the professionalism combined with personal touch from Eureka and his crew. I know each member of his crew and they captured the wedding moments beautifully. The crew was very humble and respectful and they went on with their work without any fuss. It didnt feel like they were just doing their work, it felt they actually cared about the people involved. The quality of photos and videos is an absolute joy to watch. The candid moments captured by them were fun.
Nihar Panigrahi
Nihar Panigrahi@nihar108
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Having seen candid photographs of friends and colleagues from all around India, I can say that this group is as good as any one else. I am pleasantly surprised we could get such good photos for our wedding, in a small town like ours. Cheers to the entire team, and keep clicking!
Abhijeet Sonu
Abhijeet Sonu@AAbhijeetsonu
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In a nutshell - Creative. Passionate. Talented. Hardworking. Patient. Always learning. Most importantly a wonderful nad calm person. A photographer with all these attributes is rare to find
Shreya Mohanty
Shreya Mohanty@shreya.mohanty
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When it comes to capturing real wedding moments, reaching out to this team is the best option ☺ let it be with professionalism or work efficiency, u guys stand out in the crowd..its true , you dont click pictures ,U make pictures , u freeze every lovable moment not only for the bride or groom but rather for their entire family